Top Five Reasons to Choose a Cab Company

Durham, NC – You have many different factors to consider when selecting a taxi service – particularly when you are setting up an ongoing relationship or corporate account.  Our Durham taxi company, Minute RDU Taxi, provides many of the features of a first-class taxi service – offering the type of service taxi patrons are seeking at an affordable price.

Dependable Service: A taxi company is not very helpful if they cannot get you to your destination on time. This is absolutely essential when you’re traveling to the airport or the train station.  Nobody wants to be late or miss their plane or train because the cab driver was late to arrive or never showed up at all.  Our Durham airport taxi service is reliable and will deliver you to the airport promptly and in comfort.
Affordable Rates: Our taxi services are available for very reasonable rates. Traveling from RDU to downtown Raleigh costs only $30, as does the trip from RDU to downtown Chapel Hill. A trip to Cary’s train station only runs $20, while going to Wake Forest costs $50. Our Durham NC taxi fees for all frequent local trips are on our website. So passengers are aware of their fares beforehand, taking the guesswork out of using a taxi service.

Availability: Our Durham taxis can be hired 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whenever and wherever you require service, we can assist you.

Convenience: Often it is simpler and more convenient to reserve your taxi online. But other times, you need to make a phone call. Our taxi service permits you to reserve a car using either method.  We also service a wide area. We will pick you up not only on the RDU campus, but also on the campuses of NCCU, UNC, or Duke.

Our Durham taxi service’s motto is: “Yes, we can make it better, faster, and cheaper. Why spend more?” Our drivers and staff work hard to live up to that slogan. We are determined to offer the most convenient service at the most affordable price.

Good Drivers: All of our drivers have had many years of driving experience. We will deliver you to your destination without getting lost or messing up. Our driving is professional and careful. We are also completely insured.

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