Taxis Make Traveling Easier

Durham, NC – People tend to think of taxis as an expensive way to travel compared to public transportation, notes the staff at Minute RDU Taxi service, a Durham taxi company.  However, when you’re a stranger in an area, taxi travel offers numerous benefits.

Convenience: Everyone knows that taxis, like those from our Durham airport taxi service, are good for getting you to the airport.

A taxi can also take you to exactly the destination you need. On the other hand, public transportation usually leaves you with a walk of a couple blocks to get where you need to go.Buses, trains and subways can also be crowded and uncomfortable. Also, when you get to your destination, you don’t have to look for parking.  That can be a frustrating search for tourists who are unfamiliar with an area – especially a big city where parking can be hard to come by.

Cost: Speaking of parking, when you’re weighing the costs of renting a car versus taking a taxi, be sure to figure in the cost of parking. The costs can be as high as $20 in some cities. When renting, you also need to remember the daily expenses for rental, insurance and gas.  It can add up quickly. Our Durham taxi rates are very reasonable and competitive.

Getting Around: There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to drive around a strange city with a map in your lap.  It can be compounded by the unfamiliarity of controls in a rental vehicle.  Taking a bus in an unfamiliar area can be a challenge as well.  You have to figure out the bus schedule and then be able to recognize the appropriate stop when you arrive. When you hire our Durham, NC taxi company, you don’t have to worry about where you’re going or which route is most efficient or less crowded.  You have an expert from our Durham, NC taxi service who is familiar with the area and can change routes in case of bad traffic.  Our taxis are also equipped with GPS devices so you don’t need to worry that the driver won’t be able to find his way.

Efficiency: When you’re visiting a city, your time is precious. You have taken the time and effort to get there and you have a limited amount of time to see what you want to see. You don’t want to waste time getting lost or looking for parking. Our Durham taxis are an efficient, stress-free way of seeing the sights and getting where you want to go.  Your taxi driver may also be able to recommend places to visit or the best ways of getting around.

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