Taxi Passenger Safety Tips

Cary, NC – When traveling by taxi, there are many things a customer must consider – among them are safety issues. The Cary airport taxi company of Minute RDU Taxi outlines below the things to look for in a Cary taxi service, with a special emphasis on safety.

Look for qualified drivers. A well-qualified, competent driver is one key to a pleasant taxi ride. Our Cary NC taxi service only hires drivers with years of driving experience. Our drivers will help you get to your destination safely and without getting lost. They are professional and knowledgeable – and are trained to be courteous and helpful. Our company is also completely insured.Hire a dependable service. Sometimes you need a taxi right away – and you need a service that’s available and reliable. Our Cary taxis are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week — whenever and wherever you need service. We are reliable and will show up at the appointed
time and get you to your destination promptly.

Seek out safe cars. All of the cars in our Cary taxi fleet are safe, reliable, sturdy cars. They are dependable models with good repair and safety records. The cars are serviced regularly so they won’t break down and leave you stranded. They are equipped with GPS service so your driver won’t get lost and with radios the driver can use in emergencies.

Passenger responsibilities. You can help your driver if you know exactly where your destination is. And, if you are catching a plane or train, you should know when it departs and what time you need to be at the airport or train station. If you’re in a hurry, be sure to have payment ready before you arrive at your destination. When you exit the taxi, look around for any belongings. Lots of passengers unwittingly leave things behind in a taxi. You don’t want to be one of them.

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