Advising Students to Take Taxis

Raleigh, NC – Taxi services can be particularly beneficial for students, points out Chinenye Olebunne from Minute RDU Taxi, a Raleigh taxi service.
Many students live in the Raleigh taxi cab company’s service area and would find taxis useful in particular situations.

Olebunne points out that many students do not have their own cars, but students often need to get to places that aren’t accessible by public transportation.  They may also be traveling at night when they feel that walking is unsafe. A Raleigh taxi service may also be the best option in the rain or other bad weather. Certainly there are times when taxis are simply the most efficient or comfortable way to travel. Several college websites recommend that students keep the number for a taxi service in their cell phone in case of emergency. Another time students need taxis is when they are going to the airport. Even if public transportation is available, using it with all of your luggage can be a hassle. Our Raleigh RDU taxi company is reliable, explains Olebunne.  You can call the Raleigh airport taxi service ahead of time to arrange for your pickup and they will make sure you get to the airport on time.

College students are well known for their partying ways. When you’ve been drinking, that’s a particularly good time to call for our Raleigh taxis. They are available seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Whether you’re attending frat parties or visiting clubs, you’re better off calling for cab service to get you home.  Even one or two drinks can impair your judgment and response time when you’re driving. It’s safer for you, and everyone around you, if you call a cab. The life you save may be your own.

Students are sometimes hesitant to call a cab because of monetary concerns, but groups of students can split the fare.  Our rates are very reasonable and competitive compared to other area taxi companies.

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