Advantages of Airport Taxi Service

August 2nd, 2011 — 2:57pm

Durham, NC – There are different ways to get to the airport, but in many ways taxis are the best option. Taxi services offer the best combination of convenience, reliability and cost, notes the staff at Minute RDU Taxi, a Durham taxi service.

Public Transportation: Visitors to the Raleigh-Durham Airport can take Amtrak, Greyhound or Triangle Transit local buses. The first two options might be practical if you’re arriving at the airport from fairly far away, but they are not convenient if you’re already relatively near the airport.  Continue reading »

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Advising Students to Take Taxis

July 18th, 2011 — 4:00pm

Raleigh, NC – Taxi services can be particularly beneficial for students, points out Chinenye Olebunne from Minute RDU Taxi, a Raleigh taxi service.
Many students live in the Raleigh taxi cab company’s service area and would find taxis useful in particular situations.

Olebunne points out that many students do not have their own cars, but students often need to get to places that aren’t accessible by public transportation.  They may also be traveling at night when they feel that walking is unsafe. A Raleigh taxi service may also be the best option in the rain or other bad weather. Certainly there are times when taxis are simply the most efficient or comfortable way to travel. Several college websites recommend that students keep the number for a taxi service in their cell phone in case of emergency. Continue reading »

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Taxis Make Traveling Easier

July 10th, 2011 — 5:09am

Durham, NC – People tend to think of taxis as an expensive way to travel compared to public transportation, notes the staff at Minute RDU Taxi service, a Durham taxi company.  However, when you’re a stranger in an area, taxi travel offers numerous benefits.

Convenience: Everyone knows that taxis, like those from our Durham airport taxi service, are good for getting you to the airport.

A taxi can also take you to exactly the destination you need. On the other hand, public transportation usually leaves you with a walk of a couple blocks to get where you need to go. Continue reading »

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What to Look for in a Taxi Company

June 20th, 2011 — 2:12pm

Morrisville, NC – The staff at Minute RDU Taxi, a Morrisville taxi company, describe the top factors in choosing a taxi company.

Hours of Operation: Most companies operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  But some smaller companies don’t have cars driving after 1 a.m.  If you’re looking for a company that can be your designated driver, if you’re out partying or if you need airport pickup and delivery, you probably need a service that can do it 24/7. We have dispatchers who can summon a Morrisville airport taxi for you around-the-clock, seven days a week.

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Don’t Drink and Drive

June 1st, 2011 — 10:50am

Chapel Hill, NC – Minute RDU Taxi, a Chapel Hill taxi service reminds people – especially college students – not to drink and drive.
When you’ve been drinking alcohol – whether alone or in a group – that’s a particularly good time to pick up the phone and call for a taxi.

Drunk drivers kill hundreds of people every year. One of the problems with alcohol is that it impairs your ability to make good decisions about whether you’re alert enough to drive. A 160-pound person will have a blood alcohol level of around 0.04 percent just one hour after drinking two 12-ounce beers (or two other standard drinks) on an empty stomach. The blood alcohol limit for drivers age 21 and older is now 0.08 in most states. If you’ve been drinking, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Continue reading »

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Taxi Passenger Safety Tips

May 27th, 2011 — 11:10am

Cary, NC – When traveling by taxi, there are many things a customer must consider – among them are safety issues. The Cary airport taxi company of Minute RDU Taxi outlines below the things to look for in a Cary taxi service, with a special emphasis on safety.

Look for qualified drivers. A well-qualified, competent driver is one key to a pleasant taxi ride. Our Cary NC taxi service only hires drivers with years of driving experience. Our drivers will help you get to your destination safely and without getting lost. They are professional and knowledgeable – and are trained to be courteous and helpful. Our company is also completely insured. Continue reading »

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Top Five Reasons to Choose a Cab Company

May 10th, 2011 — 9:10am

Durham, NC – You have many different factors to consider when selecting a taxi service – particularly when you are setting up an ongoing relationship or corporate account.  Our Durham taxi company, Minute RDU Taxi, provides many of the features of a first-class taxi service – offering the type of service taxi patrons are seeking at an affordable price.

Dependable Service: A taxi company is not very helpful if they cannot get you to your destination on time. This is absolutely essential when you’re traveling to the airport or the train station.  Nobody wants to be late or miss their plane or train because the cab driver was late to arrive or never showed up at all.  Our Durham airport taxi service is reliable and will deliver you to the airport promptly and in comfort. Continue reading »

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Offering Different Vehicles

May 7th, 2011 — 1:13pm

Raleigh, NC – Minute RDU Taxi, a Raleigh taxi company, is now offering local taxi services with various kinds of cars. Alongside its standard taxis, the service also provides town cars and limousines with space for as many as 14 people. Because Minute Taxi is a local taxi service, the special cars are available for rental at regular taxi rates.

For any Raleigh taxi service needs, Minute RDU Taxi can meet them. They have a top-flight Raleigh airport taxi service which delivers passengers to the airport promptly and in comfort. Minute Taxi can also assist with special occasions such as a wedding or prom – or just a special night on the town. When you just need a first-class car and driver, a town car could meet your needs; however, if you have a lot of passengers, you can get a limo that accommodates as many as 14 people. Continue reading »

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